1. Independent Financial Audit:  
The company carries out independent financial audit in adherence with the requirements of the International Auditing Standards.
The audit process includes examination of: the adherence to the accounting principles:
the consistency of application of the disclosed accounting policy;
methodological validity of the current accounting for the purpose of comprehensive and reliable representation of the assets, liabilities and activity of the company;
the efficiency of the internal control;
the process of closing of accounts;
the reliability and the comprehensiveness of the information given in the financial statements necessary for the consumers, as well as the conformity of the information in the financial statement, the management report and any other information presented by the management in addition to the audited financial statement.
2. Related Services:  
In addition to the independent audit of financial statements, JHI SUFLIN Ltd. provides related services, including reviews of financial statements, compilation of information, as well as agreed-upon procedures.
3. Accounting Services:  
Book-keeping for small enterprises, as well as drawing up of financial statements and annual tax returns is combined with broad competence of both partners and staff in all business matters, knowledge of the different branches and activities, as well as the business framework typical for the Republic of Bulgaria.
  4. Business Consulting Services:
The range of consulting services offered by the company includes consulting in the field of accounting and the Bulgarian tax and social security legislation. The rich professional experience in accounting and the expertise, which the partners in JHI SUFLIN Ltd. are in possession of, enables them to provide high quality assistance in the settlement of a broad variety of cases, as well as to assist their clients in taking the correct management decisions.
The partners are also sought as consultants for selection of accounting specialists in enterprises in different branches of the Bulgarian economy.
  5. Management Analyses and Budgeting:
The analysis of business activities is a most important element in the chain of business information needed for the management of any enterprise. The prosperity of each enterprise depends on correct budgeting. The experts of JHI SUFLIN Ltd. can render the basic business information prepared by the enterprise’s accounting and operative units in a form suited for use for the purposes of budgeting.
6. Business Planning:  
In a number of cases companies need long-term planning so that their projects can receive approval by investors and creditors. Therefore, JHI SUFLIN Ltd. offers the service of drawing up business plans for the development of long-term projects.
7. Accountants and AuditorsTraining:  
The experience of the partners in JHI SUFLIN Ltd. as professionals and lectors makes them much sought-after as trainers at accounting, auditing and tax seminars, especially seminars on the practical application of the International Financial Reporting Standards, the International Standards on Auditing and the tax legislation.
8. Audit Practice Software  
As a result of their long standing experience as auditors and based on audit experience and good practice in Europe and all over the world, the partners of JHI SUFLIN Ltd. developed and adopted a software for audit practice named “STRELA”. Initially designed to support and standardize the audit work of JHI SUFLIN Ltd., the software is developed to be used in all kind of audit practices, including internal audit. The software enables flexibility in making audit procedures framework depending on the concrete audit approaches. The version of the software allows distribution of the software usage rights.
The Audit Software “STRELA” is based on LONUS NOTES IBM product as a tool for database operating and working in a team.